Compliments And Criticism

Years ago I read Tim Hughes’ book ‘Passion For Your Name’ and in one section of the book he asked these two questions:

How do you handle compliments?
How do you handle criticism?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve observed the Twitter and cyberspace world… READ MORE

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Story Behind The Song: ‘Beautiful’

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I were thinking and praying about her name, and the name that I felt God putting on my heart was ‘Bella’, which means ‘Beautiful’. As someone who has battled with insecurities over the years, I had such a deep longing… READ MORE

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Remaining Teachable

When I first got to the UK in 2001 to do a leadership course with Soul Survivor I was overwhelmed with the excitement of the new season I had stepped into. I was suddenly immersed in an environment passionate about worshiping Jesus and was surrounded by amazing leaders who had… READ MORE

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Would Jesus Be On Your Worship Team?

I became a Christian when I was 12 years old. Jesus had already been drawing my heart toward Him since I was little, so when my step-brother told me about Him and His death on the cross I wept. I knew it was the truth. I was changed in that… READ MORE

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Who Do You Worship?

I’ve been reading a book recently called ‘The Way In is the Way On’, which is a book of John Wimber’s teachings and writings on life in Christ. Every chapter has really challenged me, one of which is about worship. Here are some exerts from this chapter:
‘As you live… READ MORE

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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” – Proverbs 3:5
What an amazing verse full of wisdom, however holding onto this truth through challenging seasons is easier said than done though, isn’t it? My husband and I have just come out of… READ MORE

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Linking Songs

Worship is all about going on a journey into the presence of God, and our role as worship leaders is to help take people there. Before we even set out on that journey, we need to realise that each person in that congregation will be starting in a different place.… READ MORE



Most of us girls are external processors by nature. We only have to think of something, then before our train of thought has even left the station we’ve said it out loud! We’ll all be familiar with situations where we’ve said too much and wish the ground would swallow us… READ MORE

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What You See Is What You Get

Or is it? Is what others see of you up front what they’re really getting when you are off the stage? Most people have a pretty keen sense of discernment and even little children have the God given ability to see through an ‘act’…and you and I both know that… READ MORE

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Rehearsing Well

I don’t need to convince you guys that rehearsing with a band is important. A well-rehearsed band is far more likely to play as a team and be able to listen to where the Holy Spirit is leading. But how do we make the most of that precious time to… READ MORE